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Nightmares You Live Working for America's Worst Company pandora1

Internet customer service reps are like modern day versions of Jack Lemmon in Glengarry Glen Ross: slimy, sleazy, and full of double talk but only because that's the only way they know how to survive, and it's exactly what they've been told to do. In fact, the great misconception is that "customer service" exists at all. In reality, everyone you talk to is in sales."Out of every 100 calls, you have to have at least two sales," says Beau, a Comcast representative. "If someone calls about their bill, I have to try to upsell them something. . If you don't do that, you get coached on it, and if you get coached too much, you get fired. Our customer service isn't customer service; it's sales."That's like if a car mechanic was also a used car salesman. And there was a law saying he wasn't allowed to make any money off his car repairs. And he's the only car mechanic in town. Do you think he's going to be honest with you about your car's problems? Or is he going to decide to eat that week and tell you that you've been running without blinker fluid, and sadly, your car is now totaled? Needless to say, customer service reps make that choice on every call, which means the difference between "leaving information out" and "lying" gets a bit . blurry."Don't worry; our insurance covers rhinoplasty.""From very early on, we are told to sell sell sell to as many people as possible, Pandora Elegance Clip Charm but we aren't given the info to make sure everything works properly. Let's say an older couple has their phone number for 30 years," says Todd, another Comcast representative. You may just be a server at Sonic, but you know where they store the frozen Tater Tots and E. coli bricks. Comcast isn't like that. The different groups don't talk to each other, because every office has been divided into "centers of excellence" that focus on sales, repair, retention, etc. "Sales is in Portland. Retention is in Minnesota and Colorado," Todd explains. "They did that, and it changed everything. And I think that's where the problem started. It stopped being about what's convenient to the customer and became about what's convenient to the company." When Todd started in 2007, Nightmares You Live Working for America's Worst Company pandora he focused on repair, but he knew enough about the whole system to be able to help you with anything. But now, everyone's priorities are so specialized that you can't get all the information you need without hopping between time zones. That's why, before you even get to talk to a person, you have to tell them your account number, last name, previous four addresses, the city where you first realized that not all dreams come true, and your great grandmother's favorite sexual position. That must make training tricky: there's probably an elaborate training program full of dummy accounts to learn on before you're thrust into the breach, right?"Your homework for tonight: switch this man's fiber optics to dial up. Write a three page report about how he probably deserved it.""My trainer gave us a real account of a woman in Florida, and told us to start playing with it," Linda, another Comcast representative, says. "We weren't supposed to 'finish the order' (activate the changes and charges they made), but we didn't understand the system well enough to know what we were doing, so we ended up screwing up this woman's account."On the one hand, you feel terrible. On the other hand, it's Florida. Shopping Pandora With Wholesale Price: Tags: #yupoo #pandora #yupoo pandora #yupoo aliexpress #aliexpress yupoo #yupoo watches #yupoo search #yupoo english #free vector